A friendly genderfluid shapeshifting dragon that maybe one day may learn how to draw... maybe...


Heya! I'm a shy French furry, but don't hesitate to talk to me if you want to, I may open quite easily ^w^ Also, this profile contains mainly commissions or gifted art, as I'm not an artist (yet), that can be NSFW or even very kinky, so beware when navigating my galery! If you want to talk to me, you can always try the message system of Itaku, else there is always my Discord (Syvies#4646) or my Telegram, but I don't do much RP, so be warned! Nothing else to say, so have fun!

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Added some extra clarification for tag rules and made small UX improvements. The image attached to this post includes the change in the rules - "Editors" in tag wiki are now listed by their displayname instead of username - When you encounter a blacklisted image, it will be displayed in red text to make it more apparent - NSFL/Blacklisted image warning texts are also red now. - Temporarily removed num children/parents/synonymous from the tag wiki as they caused a massive slowdown. Will add them back later in a different way. - Some other stuff

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The last things I can share for now as far as commissions and gifts goes. Those are emotes and stickers I got for Discord and Telegram, all made by Tanashi (! For the stickers, don't even try to bother him with that, he hate doing them ^^'

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Those are certainly the first references of Chuki here. Those are my two mains: Syve and Larsen Chuki are a fictionnal open species created by Roy Arashi

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