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Mithra | Digital Artist | 29 | France _________ Commission Statut : Open If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a PM. What I like to draw : _ Landscapes _ Dragons and other Mythical Creatures _ Robotics mecha, futuristic stuff _ Abstract and deep themes

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It's been 1 year since the public release of Itaku! It feels like just yesterday that Itaku was released, yet at the same time it feels like Itaku has come so far since then. We definitely started out very slow in terms of content and users, but thanks to a sudden surge of people sharing Itaku around on the internet, we ended the Itaku year with a bang after all! Huge thanks to all the people who gave Itaku a shoutout, especially the lovely people named in the poster! The only way for Itaku to gain new users right now is through spreading the word, which is why its extremely valuable if people do decide to support Itaku and let other's know about it as well! Itaku is still a rather unknown platform compared to all the giants, but who knows what it will be 1 year from now? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? We started with essentially 0 users, (other than me and @Alva), and managed to slowly grind to the first 100 users after some months. I don't think I expected to reach anywhere near as many users in 2021 as we did! All the users and supporters are listed on the poster attached to this post, which you should definitely check out! Speaking of supporters, without you, Itaku wouldn't be possible! Huge thanks for the help! <3 Also, don't forget to claim your free cake, as you'll only be able to get this soon-to-be-rare badge in October of 2021! 🍰 If you would like to support Itaku, you can do so on the sites below: Patreon: Ko-fi: And spreading the word about Itaku also huge help! <3

Happy Birthday Itaku :) An important step for the growing community

So as the title say what I'm working on ? Well here is a little roadmap : - Revamp of a third character ( cf : green lizard ) to an old grumpy green lizard - A few maps and location related to said previous characters - Develloping lore - 4th character ( Blue Lizard ) - 5th character ( Black Lizard ) - more maps and location and more...

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- Released user menu! When you now click on user AVATARS in the feed or posts (for now), you can open their menu, which will quickly show their profile overview, an lets you follow, report, or blacklist their content. Probably will add it to more places and add a few more fields there in the near future! - The settings page now has options for hiding NSFW and NSFL tags from search results! - Removed "/' characters from tag creation because you shouldn't use those ever probably - Etc

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