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New patch! I finally finished some supporter badges, alongside the new badge system! Currently, the only way to get badges are by becoming a supporter - but worry not! Non-supporter badges are coming too! I have many badges planned in the future, but two ones I'm certain I'll implement are: - "Early Supporter" for people that became supporters early on! (All current supporters will be getting this) - "Early User", for the first <100 users? (Will have to think about that) - "Beta Participator" , for people who registered during the beta. I also made a poster for the patch, which somewhat describes why it took me so long to reach the final design for the badges. Enjoy! NOTE: Badges aren't spread out automatically right now. If you become a supporter and don't see a badge pop up right away, don't worry! Just let me know and I'll give you the badge, if I haven't already done so!

It's been 1 year since the public release of Itaku! It feels like just yesterday that Itaku was released, yet at the same time it feels like Itaku has come so far since then. We definitely started out very slow in terms of content and users, but thanks to a sudden surge of people sharing Itaku around on the internet, we ended the Itaku year with a bang after all! Huge thanks to all the people who gave Itaku a shoutout, especially the lovely people named in the poster! The only way for Itaku to gain new users right now is through spreading the word, which is why its extremely valuable if people do decide to support Itaku and let other's know about it as well! Itaku is still a rather unknown platform compared to all the giants, but who knows what it will be 1 year from now? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? We started with essentially 0 users, (other than me and @Alva), and managed to slowly grind to the first 100 users after some months. I don't think I expected to reach anywhere near as many users in 2021 as we did! All the users and supporters are listed on the poster attached to this post, which you should definitely check out! Speaking of supporters, without you, Itaku wouldn't be possible! Huge thanks for the help! <3 Also, don't forget to claim your free cake, as you'll only be able to get this soon-to-be-rare badge in October of 2021! 🍰 If you would like to support Itaku, you can do so on the sites below: Patreon: Ko-fi: And spreading the word about Itaku also huge help! <3

This one is a HUGE update that took a lot of work over the past week, and its going to massively improve the overall UX on Itaku. That being said, you might not notice much of a difference at first glance. On top of that, the 1 year anniversary event is now out! When you open the home section of the site, you should see a banner that lets you claim the 1 year anniversary badge! - When you navigate off certain places on the site, and hit the back or forward buttons to back to where you were, now it should preserve your position to where you last were. Extremely useful if you're scrolled down deep, clicked on something, and want to return to where you were. This has been added to home, profile, and the tag list/wiki. - Pretty much all places on the site now bring up the user menu when you click on an user's avatar now, instead of just the feed and posts. - The 1 year anniversary badge update described above! - And so many small and big hidden things under the hood and in various places over the site There might be a bigger post about the 1 year anniversary coming up really soon as well.

- Released user menu! When you now click on user AVATARS in the feed or posts (for now), you can open their menu, which will quickly show their profile overview, an lets you follow, report, or blacklist their content. Probably will add it to more places and add a few more fields there in the near future! - The settings page now has options for hiding NSFW and NSFL tags from search results! - Removed "/' characters from tag creation because you shouldn't use those ever probably - Etc

Pretty simple but cool update coming soon, probably in a few days!

I want to get all these small QoL things and bugfixes out the way to make the site as solid as possible before I move on to bigger and more fun updates. - More embed fixes and additions (fixed comm/post images when linking itaku to other sites like twitter or discord) - Fixed a bug where you could still submit a new folder even if the name was too long when uploading an image or creating a post, which caused posting to fail with an error code 500. - Mass img uploader now has title length out of max length on every individual image, and new folder has the same thing in other places too now. - Removed default tag suggestions from places like posts and edit profile as they didn't really make sense there and just confuse the user. - Other stuff

Finally got these changes done. - Singular images on the feed also have the star/reshare/comment buttons on the bottom now, doesn't need to be wrapped in a post. This is great as it was pretty annoying to have to open the post to star it every time. - When you link Itaku profiles/images/posts/commissions on sites like Twitter and Discord, it should now render the meta tags more correctly! Profiles and images seem to work fine, but still need to fix a few issues with posts/commissions not rendering images, and to put the tags to the rest of the site as well. - Commission tiers now order themselves by min/max price on your profile - Fixed the bug where using suggested tags (including tag sets etc) wouldn't update the form validity until a tag was added manually, even if 5 tags has been reached - Improved filtering for posts that have SFW/Questionable images but you only have the NSFW+ filter on. Also, when you edit a post, it re-checks the maturity based on your attached images. More stuff to come!

Super busy recently, can't wait to release a new patch that includes some QoL features that I'd really like. Probably next week or so!


- You now need to insert at least 5 tags on every image you upload. This is due to every image needing to be tagged on the site regardless (except maybe unlisted images), and many people uploading hundreds of images without a single tag. This is especially bad if those images contain commonly blacklistable content. - There now are default commonly used tag suggestions which should help you pick those first 5 tags. NOTE, I forgot to remove it from posts, you do NOT need to tag your posts. Unless it contains text that might be blacklistable. - Searching tags is now ordered by tag popularity not length. - Tag wiki now has a "has synonyms" filter and the comms column has been replaced by the tag's maturity. - Fixed bugs and made other minor improvements

- Added the stats section to profiles (currently only shows number of reshares & comments given, if you have at least 1 of either) - Added Tag Suggestions (as well as Tag Sets) to the multi image uploader and to the Suggest Tags (to an image) form. - Now while adding tags to your objects, duplicate tags in the form wont appear anymore. - Related to the change above, tag sets no longer disappear from the selection after you press them (in case you want to add it again after deleting some of the tags) - Added an extra save button on the profile edit form so you wouldn't have to scroll down to find the save button - Disabled syncing of synonymous tags for the time being. This means that if you set a tag as synonymous with another tag, it will no longer do automatically make it symmetrical in the wiki. This is because there are many tags which have very incorrect synonymous tags, and removing them turns out to be a pain if they get re-added from other tags. I'll have to come up with a different kind of a system, or just keep it manual. Since activity stats are fun, as an experiment I decided to the stats section to profiles. Currently it only shows number of posts (objects) reshared and comments made, but in the near future will add stars given and stuff like that too. Soon there will also be a hall of fame which will contain supporters, badge owners, and most (inter)active users. That being said, there has to be a careful balance between having stats which are fun and boost engagement, and mechanics which encourage low quality content and engagement in order to farm bigger stat numbers. Which is why its experimental for the time being. I'm also considering forcing users to add at least 3 to 5 tags on all of the images they'll upload, this is due to many images being completely untagged, which is especially bad if they contain commonly blacklistable content.

New patch lol - You can now search images by text! It will check if the title, description and tags contain the text that you searched for! This should be super useful. - Searching tags on the tag wiki now shows tags that start with the given string instead of contain it somewhere in the name. - Maturity rating filters now show filters in the proper order (nsfw was before questionable before for some reason). - Hovering the questionable button on image creation now shows a bit more clear meaning and minor rule clarification in the wiki. - When browsing images and the comment box is focused, using keyboard arrow keys will no longer changes the image. - Feed items shouldn't get occasionally bumped for no reason anymore - Added a more obvious supporter button, which disappears after you become a supporter - Moderator tool changes

f1.1.7 b1.0.5