A Psychic Russian female who has low patience


Alpha is the name and I'm known for being a b*tch. Minors off my page. I'm an adult. Russian. Female. Psychic. Unstable. Low tolerance for any bull. Taurus. April. Infinite characters. Furry. I'm an artist of digital and traditional art. I create and sell adopts as well as buy them. I personally don't take PayPal. My payments are: art/adopt trade, ac, da pts. I'm on discord, telegram, steam, fa, da, amino, etc If u want art of any kind from me, then find me on discord or telegram as those are my main activity platforms. My main character is Alpha, wolf dragon hybrid, female. I have loads of other characters. Commissions: open Art trades: open Request: hell no.

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Did instA become shittier since I joined months back? Like I can't get into it without it lagging and saying something like Prove Identity...like tf? I logged into it in many ways but still I can't manage to get out of the locked screen thing. My status on it is now deleted, was showing nearly everything what it should but then nearly everything got wiped out. Anyone else deal with this bull Insta pulled? If so, did u get back in without the shit popping up constantly?

Why is Squid Game viral? It's stupid. Just like Among Us, this shit got viral for no reason. America, u suck at looking intelligent. Ur gaming programs suck and ur apps too. Ask Russia for help, like u did in WW1 & WW2, u weak links!

Claim Itaku Badge Anniversary while u still can!!!

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All bull against me is made by minors who have been harassing me since Aug. 23 and must be stopped.

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