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The number of ways a person can be inconsiderate is probably infinite, therefore the most important rule is to be considerate.

Example rules and guidelines:
  1. Try to keep your content good quality/effort! Very low-quality content can be spam and an eyesore for others and WILL be removed or unlisted!
    If you are unsure about whether or not your image is "good enough", change its visibility to "Profile Only"!

  2. Mark overly suggestive/fetish or other inappropriate content as Questionable or NSFW by default, EVEN if its not "technically" NSFW!
    Eg, inflation, vore, tf, etc. This is not intended as kink-shaming, but as consideration for users visiting Itaku, wishing to see safe artwork, or for those who wish to keep those two separate.

  3. Use maturity ratings correctly, and when in doubt, mark it at least NSFW!

  4. Do not use NSFW cover or avatar images, even if you've marked your profile as NSFW!

  5. Don't "spam" the public gallery! This includes commission REMINDER/repost images! (Eg reposts of YCH images as "reminders").
    • Use the reshare button to reshare the image/commission
    • Create a post where you link the image you want to repost
    • Upload the reminder image as an "Unlisted" or "Profile Only", and you can also create a new commission and link them there!

  6. DO NOT add random "funny"/spam tags on your content! Tags on Itaku are not the same as "hashtags" on many popular social media. They are designed to describe the contents of the image as accurately as possible, not as a topic/keyword hashtag.
    Also, avoid creating many variations of the same tag with minor spelling differences, such as "green_eye", "greeneye", "green_eyes". There should be only 1 spelling of each tag, which follows tag naming conventions listed in the tag guidelines (do not use plural naming when possible, whitespace is replaced with "_", etc). The only duplicates which are allowed are synonyms, such as "rabbit" and "hare".

  7. Tag sensitive content properly! If your images/posts/etc contain content which is commonly blacklisted, make sure those aspects are properly tagged!

  8. Don't upload, post, or link to content which is illegal and/or an existential threat to Itaku.
    The same goes for activities, actions, discussions, etc.

  9. Don't post any real-life explicit or suggestive content on Itaku!
    Any suggestive and explicit content on Itaku is only allowed in the form of arts & crafts.

  10. Do not upload content (especially videos!) that have an unnecessarily large filesize! Always try to get the filesize as low as possible without losing too much quality before you upload it to Itaku. Processing, serving, and storing unnecessarily large files can get very costly!

  11. Be respectful and don't be problematic to others in their private messages or comments.

  12. Avoid sensitive topics and don't bring external drama to Itaku. There already are many websites on the internet where you can discuss and argue over politics/ideology/drama to your heart's content, but Itaku doesn't need to be one of them.

  13. And of course, you don't need to be rude or argue with people on the internet. Like mentioned previously, avoid drama and don't add fuel to the fire. Its less important to contribute to them than you think. If you have an irresistible urge to contribute to arguments/drama - ask yourself "why?", and be very honest with yourself.
    When giving critique, make it constructive, be objective and avoid ad hominems.

  14. No spam (This includes creating lots of empty "random" accounts!)
  15. No impersonation (especially of artists/users outside of Itaku & of site staff!)
  16. And so on!

Note: Please please please don't be offended or take it personally if the visibility or maturity of your content has been altered due to rule 1 or 2.
We know how bad it can feel when something you make is considered too "low-quality", but its just a means of keeping the public sections of Itaku high quality, and some regulations & sacrifices have to be applied in order to sustain that.

Content Policy:
  • Do not post content made by artists other than yourself UNLESS they have given you permission to do so!
  • As an artist - if you find that someone has uploaded your content without permission, you have the right to ask for it to get taken down.

As we obviously can't list every bad action that exists, you may also be warned/punished for actions that aren't listed.
Most of these rules can be given leeway, but keep them in mind and try to be considerate.

Maturity ratings

Examples of mature content which needs to be correctly marked:

  • SFW: Safe for work content. At most it may include:
    • May include mild/slight blood/injuries etc
    • Featureless/cartoon nudity
    • Non-suggestive revealing clothing eg bikini/swimwear etc.
    • etc
  • Questionable: Content that isn't quite NSFW but definitely not purely SFW either.
    • Fetish content. (eg inflation, vore, tf, fatfur etc.)
    • Exposed/visible through clothing breasts.
    • Subtle genitalia outlines/bulges etc
    • More explicit french kissing
    • Content with obvious erotic or suggestive intent (eg revealing clothing, text, etc)
    • Mostly obvious but less explicit fetish material (Eg more subtle inflation, suggestive display of feet etc)
    • etc
  • NSFW: Content with explicit themes/imagery.
    • Visible genitalia (including detailed outlines/bulges etc)
    • Explicit sexual content.
    • Content that is obviously not suited for SFW, or possibly even Questionable (eg more explicit vore, inflation, foot worship, ws, bdsm etc).
    • etc
  • NSFL: Content that's too explicit and vulgar for even NSFW.
    • Commonly blacklisted and distasteful content (eg gore, scat, fatal, torture, diaper, etc).
    • and so on
  • ANY: This is used for commissions for indicating that any category of maturity is accepted. Obviously content within the commission listing shouldn't be purely explicit when using the ANY maturity rating (NSFW reference images should be marked as so regardless).

When in doubt whether or not your content is SFW, mark it as Questionable.
When in doubt whether or not your content is Questionable, mark it as NSFW.

If you have any questions about your content, you can always ask the staff of the site! Text posts should be marked as NSFW if they're no doubt NSFW, eg containing erotic content. Things such as swearing don't need to be necessarily marked as NSFW.

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