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Customizing your profile

You can edit and customize your profile by clicking the button on your profile.
There, you can change various things:

  • Cover image
  • Avatar
  • Displayname The name others see you as, unlike the username that's mostly used as an unique name for accessing your profile
  • Short description Just a short intro for your profile
  • Long description If you have more info you want to display, which can be whatever!
  • Sites Such as your social media, or personal websites, etc.
  • Country
  • Tags Tags that you can be searched with. Try to keep this short and consice (around 5 to 25 tags), you don't need to add every single tag your artwork has ever included, just include the most important ones
  • Artist This indicates that you are an artist and create artwork. Its mostly used so people can search for artists to follow and commission.
  • Commissions open This indicates that you're taking commissions and lets others know that you're open for them to inquire you about commissions. Also when an artist opens their commissions, all followers will get a notification about it. (Perhaps can be made toggleable in the future).

Currently, the username/handle can not be changed, if its in popular demand, this feature will be implemented in the very near future.
If you really want to change your username, no problem, just let us know in support, or via dms to the admins.

Commissioning info

Commissioning info is designed to go under the "info" section in the profile "Commissions" tab. (Under the URL "/profile/(your username)/commissions")
There you can change "Description" to describe whatever you need about your commissioning process.
Under it, "Commission Tiers" can be found. You can create tiers for your commissions (eg price categories, commission types, for stuff like a portrait, fullbody, etc).

The "Commissions" folder (URL being "profile/(your username)/commissions/created") shows all the commissions you've created.
Whereas the "Commissioned" folder (URL being "profile/(your username)/commissions/commissioned") shows all the commissions you've been a client in (aka where you're in a slot).

Blocking users

Currently, blocking is not implemented. If this becomes a problem, it will be implemented in the near future. (Definitely let us know if your in need of this feature!)
If there is a more serious problem (harassment, spam, etc), report the user or let us know directly via support or however you prefer.

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