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Galleries, Images & Videos

General Guidelines

Images, videos and galleries are designed to be re-usable on Itaku. The most common use is that they can be used as example/reference images on a commission.
You can find the gallery and images of a user on their profile under the "Gallery" tab.

All their uploaded images are found the "All" folder. The user can also make additional gallery folders to group images. These folders can also be linked in commissioning tiers under the "Commissions" tab for easy example of example/reference images.

Images are not necessarily limited to art - you can post images of anything (eg images from real life) as long as they follow the site rules.

Creating images & Gallery Folders

To create a new image, click the button that you can find on the header, after which, click "Image". You will be directed to the image creation page. There you can upload an image, give it a title, description and tags. Tags can be describing content in the image (eg species of a character), as well as the artist of the image, a character's name, etc. names etc.

You can also add the image to a gallery folders as well as create a new section.

Currently managing images in gallery folders works by editing the image and changing the gallery folder they belong into, or editing the folder itself from your profile.

Images have a few visibility options:

  • Public makes the image visibile everywhere, including the public gallery at home.
  • Profile Only makes the image visible only in your profile's gallery, but also appears whereever it has been attached to, such as commissions, feed, posts, etc.
    This is useful for when you want to post images to your gallery, but don't want to "spam" the public gallery with them.
  • Unlisteddoesn't show up in any gallery, but still appears whereever it has been attached to, such as commissions, feed, posts, etc.
    This is very useful for creating images that you only want to use for some specific purpose, such as as a YCH notice in commissions, but when you don't want it to spam the public or your own gallery.

Creating Videos

Creating videos is pretty much the same as creating images, but instead you have to click the "Video" button under the header's button.
Videos currently have a 500 MB size limit, to support high quality and long videos. Please try to not abuse this, and only high filesize videos if its absolutely necessary to preserve the experience.

Hosting video files is rather expensive, so if you enjoy uploading or seeing videos/animations on Itaku, please consider becoming a supporter!

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