Welcome to Itaku!

Itaku is an online community with a focus on browsing and sharing art, with one of the big features being a commissioning marketplace.

As Itaku is still in a beta state, its under active development. With that in mind, you can expect many improvements, additions and changes to come.
The management and development of Itaku is community feedback focused! Even though not every suggestion might aligned with the goals Itaku, all feedback and suggestions are welcome and won't be ignored!

As Itaku is created by someone who has been an active member in various online communities, the frustrating experience of managers and corporations who don't have the community's best interest in mind being the ones in charge is not at all unfamiliar.
Therefore, when it comes to actively improving the platform, Itaku strives to be what the community (which I'm also a part of) would enjoy.

You can find guidelines for using the site at Guidelines & Support.

As Itaku is completely free and doesn't have any ads, please consider supporting Itaku on Patreon or Ko-fi!

What is Itaku for?

Itaku was created from the lack of modern, easy to use community art websites with features such as commissioning integrated.


Commissioning both as a client and artist can be difficult, especially when you don't know who or how to commission. Itaku intends to make getting started easier, whilst giving more experienced commissioners a smoother experience.


Itaku strives toward creating a memorable community experience for both aspiring and already seasoned artists, by offering a non-invasive "social media" type experience, without algorithms tracking and optimizing your activities for engagement and advertising.


You can share and browse art of various forms on Itaku. A gallery system also allows you to organize your imagery easily, which is useful for building portfolios, example images for commissions, etc.

You can also create text posts for whatever you'd like! Be it long stories or just short thoughts, ideas, what you're up to, and so on!

And so on!

How can I support Itaku?

Sadly hosting and developing Itaku has its costs. Not only monetary, but it also takes time and effort. As Itaku is currently completely ad-free, its not sustainable without financial support.

You can support Itaku/me directly on these websites:

If you don't want to or cant support the site financially, just keep on using Itaku and spread the word! Tell a friend!

In the future I am considering renting out promotional space for community members, so members of the community can promote their content/products, whilst supporting the site!

Supporting Itaku can earn you perks, such as a supporter badge on your profile. As the site is still in very early launch stages, more supporter perks will definitely come in the future. (But early supporters might earn special rewards!)

Current rewards:

  • Supporter indicator on your profile and in the user list!
  • Supporter badges for every tier on your profile!
  • The "Donate" button will dissapear from the header!

Rewards coming soon or in the future:

  • Animated .gif profile pictures.
  • Possible features such as being able to set a custom theme on your profile.

Notable Supporters in no particular order:

I can't thank you all enough <3

How can I follow Itaku?

Most updates and important news get posted directly to Itaku, but you can also check these other platforms for occasional updates on Itaku as well:

How was Itaku created?

Work on Itaku started at the end of 2018, and after (a lot) of work, the first public release was officially released on 1. October 2020.

Itaku was created and developed by Liva, using mostly Angular and Django.

Future plans

Since Itaku just entered beta, this is only the beginning.

Many improvements and features are planned and considered, for example:

  • MORE supporter perks!
  • Privacy features such as blocking users, shadow following, etc
  • An improved tag wiki
  • Commissioning improvements
  • User/content groups
  • Comic/image set support
  • Better story/creative writing support options
  • Image thumbnail cropping configuration & adjustment options
  • A simple mobile app
  • And much more!

I am also considering creating polls where users can vote on what updates to prioritize next, whether we should do X or Y, etc.
Until then, giving suggestions and feedback, as well as bug reports are very welcome!

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